Fiberglass oranges bring art awareness

The large citrus population of Riverside is no longer defined solely by the actual fruit, but also by decorated “giant” oranges, which are becoming well-known all around Riverside. Throughout the city, including private homes, 32 oranges are showcased for visitors, bringing awareness to local artists, businesses and sponsors through the “Giant Orange Artventure.” This past […]

‘Les Miserablés’ captivates audiences, draws crowds across the nation

So there she sat in a torn and dirty gown, barely any hair left on her head, mouth swollen from an extracted tooth, violated by her first “customer.” Anne Hathaway, lead actress in the movie musical, “Les Misèrables,” takes the viewer through her sorrow, rage and hopelessness in her role as Fantine. Hathaway’s performance made […]

Grammy nominees cause mixed reviews for students

From the celebrity performances and outrageous outfits to unexpected winners, the Grammy Awards attract a younger audience of viewers and capture the attention of music fans of all genres. Genres ranging from country, hip-hop, rhythm & blues, rap, rock and pop will all be represented by the 2013 Grammy nominees. The 55th annual Grammy Awards […]

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey feud might not save “American Idol’s” ratings.

  “American Idol” first began in June 2002 and is continuing to air on FOX nearly 10 years later, however, ratings have shown to decrease during the current season 12 airings. This is the first season since season nine to feature four judges: Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban. Despite the fights […]

‘Birds’ collide with Star wars

“Angry Birds Star Wars” is the latest update to Rovio’s popular video game series. The game consists of the well-known Angry Birds seeking out their revenge against their arch-nemesis egg-stealing pigs. Players help the birds act out their revenge by launching them across the screen to destroy pigs and their pig-built fortresses. In this latest […]

Confusion arises as Star Wars officially joins Walt Disney World

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” are words that seldom make anyone think of Disney. In an unexpected move, The Walt Disney Co. purchased Lucasfilm Limited for $4.05 billion. This means every previous film that belonged to George Lucas and Lucasfilm is now the property of Disney. “Indiana Jones,” “Willow,” “American […]