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Uber releases statistics on workers that show race and gender imbalance

Uber publicized its employee diversity data revealing there is a huge shortcoming of women and minorities, most notably in technical positions within the company March 28. According to The Washington Post, women make up only 15.4 percent of technical positions in the company, but the numbers fare even worse for some racial minorities. Black workers […]

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Bakery caters to gluten allergies

Beehive Bakery Girl has catered affordable gluten-free pastries to coffee shops throughout the Inland Empire since June 2014. Tina Teets started the bakery when she noticed a lack of cost-effective treats for those suffering from gluten allergies like herself. She wanted to be able to join friends in eating pastries when they visited local coffee […]

Facebook uses AI to combat suicide

Trend of ‘live’ suicides on site prompts quick action In the beginning of March, Facebook announced the use of artificial intelligence to combat suicide and the users who may stream their suicide on the social media site’s live video platform. The company’s commitment to battle against suicide has risen because of the alarming trend in […]