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Media consumption affects how people speak

The types of to which music one listens and the movies  or shows one watches can affect people in ways they not expect. However, avoiding media with foul language may not be beneficial to those who do not wish to have that habit. Psychology has showed the profound effects media exposure has on behavior, especially […]

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Glasses lessen blue light exposure

Lenses filter blue light to help reduce strain on eyes If staring at blue light emitting computer and phone screens makes a student’s eyes feel strained, then blue light-blocking glasses may be the solution. These devices filter out a little over half of the blue light eyes would otherwise take in. In addition to preventing […]

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Colleges offer esport scholarships

Say goodbye to the days of traditional collegiate sports and hello to the age of competitive online gaming. Having a passion for video games and knowledge about how to play them is finally paying off. In 2016, the National Association of Collegiate Esports formed in Kansas City, MO. This nonprofit organization supports more than 80 […]

Pokémon G0 app offers players the good, the bad, the ugly

A popular game capitalizing on the use of augmented reality was released this past summer and caught the attention of people worldwide. Pokémon GO seeks to make a Pokémaster out of everyone. The game, developed by Niantic, Inc., requires people to use their cellphones to walk around and look for Pokémon so they can attempt to “catch them all” using the phone’s GPS.  The game is jam-packed with […]