Pokémon G0 app offers players the good, the bad, the ugly

A popular game capitalizing on the use of augmented reality was released this past summer and caught the attention of people worldwide. Pokémon GO seeks to make a Pokémaster out of everyone. The game, developed by Niantic, Inc., requires people to use their cellphones to walk around and look for Pokémon so they can attempt to “catch them all” using the phone’s GPS.  The game is jam-packed with […]

Oculus announces Rift launch date

Oculus, the current frontrunner in affordable virtual reality technology, announced Jan. 6 that the long-awaited Rift virtual reality headset would be available to the public March 28 for $599. Pre-orders for the reality-simulating headset opened that same day after Oculus made the announcement at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nev., with many […]

Xbox games revitalized, given second chance with new addition

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, known as E3, is the gaming industry’s platform to debut, showcase and experience the future of games, but for Microsoft, the biggest announcement was a step into the past: backward compatibility. The Xbox One console was unable to function with games made for the earlier Xbox 360 version, making some gamers […]