TripAdvisor takes stand for animal rights

When a decision can affect the livelihood and treatment of animals, choosing whether or not to take action may no longer be an option. In October, TripAdvisor stopped selling tickets for animal interactions to fight animal exploitation. “I understand TripAdvisor’s decision to go forward with not allowing interactions with animals,” said Lauren Sankey, junior visual […]

[Kathryn Goldsmith | Banner] Students at California Baptist University learn to budget properly through apps such as Acorns, Mint and Goodbudget.

Apps aid college students’ budgets

Learning how to earn and save money to support themselves is a leap of independence all college students must take. While budgeting can be tedious, students have found the help they need through the use of budgeting applications or opting to create their own personal method. In order to hold themselves accountable, several California Baptist […]