Online shopping accommodates student schedules and budgets

California Baptist University students have been swayed by the lure of online shopping. They are opening laptops and turning on tablets to find the best online deals. “Online shopping is easy and convenient,” said Deepa Oza, master of science in nursing student. “They always have the best prices and they have almost everything.” Students look […]

Olive Tree Bible app makes Bible reading easy to do

Olive Tree Bible, an app created by Nelson Media Inc., is an easy-to-use Bible application for Android and iOS devices, making the Old and New testaments easier to digest and understand with accessible background information, quick references and customized guides. This Bible study app allows the user to highlight passages in the Bible and customize […]

Yahoo’s cyber-attack causes users to choose Google’s Gmail

Yahoo Inc. announced Jan. 30 that its customer’s email accounts were compromised in a recent cyber-attack. Yahoo claimed the attackers used credentials obtained from another company’s user database in an attempt to access the email accounts. In late January, Yahoo’s senior vice president Jay Rossiter said in a blog post that there had been no […]

Digital dinero offers new way to pay

Technology continues to simplify the digital era, and Bitcoin, an experimental and virtual form of money, seeks to make monetary transactions online easier and safer. The official website for Bitcoin describes it as the “first decentralized digital currency.” Bitcoins are digital coins that use cryptography, which are secret codes, to control its creation. All transactions […]

Social media connects, harms self-esteem at the same time

By Daniel Gonzalez ASST SPREAD EDITOR Liking Facebook posts, tweeting, commenting and uploading photos are all part of social media networks used around the world. Social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram create opportunities for users to either improve or damage their self-esteem. “The positives of (us- ing social media) are when people […]

Pop culture impacted by worldwide YouTube sensations

California Baptist University students are no exception to the global phenomenon that is YouTube. YouTube plays a particularly major role in the lives of young adults, as its diversity heavily impacts modern pop culture. “Going to the store is one of my favorites; it’s just so ridiculous,” said Jared Overstreet, sophomore biology major. The video […]