Digital dinero offers new way to pay

Technology continues to simplify the digital era, and Bitcoin, an experimental and virtual form of money, seeks to make monetary transactions online easier and safer. The official website for Bitcoin describes it as the “first decentralized digital currency.” Bitcoins are digital coins that use cryptography, which are secret codes, to control its creation. All transactions […]

Applicants use video resumes to market their capabilities

While searching for employment weighs heavily on the shoulders of graduating seniors, many look for creative ways to set themselves apart from the sea of candidates. Video resumes are a new trend popping up as a unique way of presenting one’s experience and qualifications. When done professionally, videos can be a great way for applicants to express their creativity. Caroline Potter, a resume expert at, advises that applicants use […]

Students find best providers for cell coverage on campus

Cell phones allow for immediate access to the world through an array of major service providers. Keeping in close contact with loved ones, especially during crisis situations cultivate the importance of good cell coverage. However, students note that specific areas at California Baptist University, often shielded by thick walls and tall buildings, are lacking in coverage. Kyra DeSantis, senior communication disorders major and AT&T user, said cell phone service provided by […]

Blue screens bring ‘the blues’

New research demonstrates that prolonged exposure to artificial blue light can result in difficulty sleeping and feelings similar to depression. Beyond fatigue, however, a recent study published by the Journal of Neuroscience showed that exposure to blue light can cause symptoms of depression. Electronic devices are the largest contributors to exposure to blue light, and using these devices can disrupt the body’s circadian rhythm, the internal clock that determines when a […]

Instagram aids photographers

By Jessica Bills  A&E Editor   In April 2012, Instagram reached more than 100 million users and with the popularity increase, the app is changing not only photography but also photographers. Darren J. Stevens, junior theology major, contributes Instagram’s success to the accessibility and affordability it gives its “insta-photographers.” “Typically if you were to be […]