Instagram aids photographers

By Jessica Bills  A&E Editor   In April 2012, Instagram reached more than 100 million users and with the popularity increase, the app is changing not only photography but also photographers. Darren J. Stevens, junior theology major, contributes Instagram’s success to the accessibility and affordability it gives its “insta-photographers.” “Typically if you were to be […]

Bring in off-brand adapters, Apple will trade

Apple has announced that customers may now trade in third-party adapters and purchase an official Apple charger for $10. These are the bricks that plug into the wall socket, thereby offering a sensible and efficient way to satisfy customers. “I’m really impressed by the USB Power Adapter Takeback Program,” said Kelsey Rae Lamb, sophomore psychology […]

Pop culture impacted by worldwide YouTube sensations

California Baptist University students are no exception to the global phenomenon that is YouTube. YouTube plays a particularly major role in the lives of young adults, as its diversity heavily impacts modern pop culture. “Going to the store is one of my favorites; it’s just so ridiculous,” said Jared Overstreet, sophomore biology major. The video […]

Technology expands into fitness world

In the last decade, technology has been able to enter and innovate all types of markets from automobiles to house thermostats. One market that remained relatively stagnant was the fitness and health markets. With fitness trackers booming this year, fitness trackers brought together fitness and technology in a helpful, wearable, piece of technology. Products such […]

Instagram adds video to keep up with social media trend created by Vine app

Instagram, a popular photo-sharing and social networking app on the market since 2010, launched a new video feature allowing users to share stories up to 15 seconds in length. Thephenomenon seems to be a direct response to the new video-sharing app Vine, which was launched by Twitter in early 2013, and quickly became the premiere […]