Photo illustration by Elijah Hickman | Banner | Many cellphone cameras are now equipped with virtual reality capabilities.

Smartphone camera technology is continuing to advance

As phone technology advances, so do their photographic capabilities. Some people may have noticed that the cameras on many newer smartphones may have dual, triple or quad rear cameras, meaning they have more than just one camera lens, some as many as four. Having multiple lenses on cameras allow for a better change of distance, […]

Claire Grimes | Banner | Daily traffic on the CA-91 freeway can contribute to poor air quality.

UC Riverside fights pollution with new air quality study

Riverside is paving the way toward improving the environment. University of California Riverside’s latest project is a study of the environmental impacts of goods movement (shipping) in Inland Southern California  The California Attorney General’s Office Automobile Emissions Research and Technology Fund has granted UCR $2 million to conduct this research. This study consists of tracking […]

Photo Illustration by Claire Grimes | The Banner

Facebook and Ray-Ban release smart glasses, Ray Ban Stories

The wave of smart technology is here. What began as smartphones has spread to smartwatches, smart speakers, smart home devices and now, as of Sept. 8, we have smartglasses. Facebook has partnered with Ray-Ban to release smart glasses in a new line called Ray-Ban Stories. These glasses, which come as sunglasses or reading glasses, have […]

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

The solution to wildfires can help us and the environment

The Dixie Fire is the second-largest fire in California’s history. According to CAL Fire, the department of forestry and fire protection of California, California averages 7,575 fires a year, covering approximately 2,333,909 acres. The Dixie Fire burned for more than two months and stopped shy of one million acres, ending on Sept. 26. The fire […]