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Hiking trail brings Halloween spirit

Whether trying to satisfy a hiking obsession or capture a quality Instagram picture, the 3.2-mile hiking trail located near Norco not only features beautiful scenery, but a giant rock painted as a jack-o’-lantern. Although it usually receives moderate foot traffic, hiking accounts on social media are taking notice of this unusual spectacle on the trail. […]

[Michele Muñoz | Banner] Chris Aumentado, senior kinesiology major, lifts weights at the CBU Recreation Center to stay healthy.

Making time to get fit, healthy remains important in college

For many college students, their 20s are a time to enjoy, relax and live life without worries. However, it is critical  that health and fitness are also a priority during these years, and that students set up habits that can be carried throughout life. In order to get the most out of the college experience, […]

[Monique Koszty | Banner] Emily Noelle Enns, sophomore communication disorders major, uses her blog to share what she does in health and fitness with her followers. Enns said she likes the creativity involved in her blog and uses it as a way to keep busy.

Blogger provides DIY tips and tricks

Student blogs on college experiences, healthy food and fitness Few people stick to blogging once they start as it takes dedication and good time management to maintain one. For Emily Noelle Enns, sophomore communication disorders major, blogging allows her to help people and at the same time expand God’s kingdom through the devotionals she posts. […]

[John Victory | Banner] Leslie Perry, graduate student in kinesiology, instructs followers how to use machines while Elad Gunya, graduate student in business administration, records the video for viewers to watch on Snapchat for the day.

Recreation Center debuts daily Snapchat workout videos

California Baptist University’s Recreation Center is always offering students a way to either maintain or improve their health, even going as far as utilizing social media apps like the popular Snapchat. “Workout of the Day” is something the Recreation Center has started this year in hopes of giving students that kickstart on their health journey […]

[Robert Jordan | Banner] Jerome Heidrich, junior psychology major, rides a bicycle as an alternative to going to the gym and as a way of maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Students find healthy choices outside of the gym

During a student’s time in college, his or her plate becomes full with activities. With all these time-consuming projects, students have the potential to forget about what they are putting on their plate when it is time for a meal. According to a 2013 study done by Questia.com, an online research library, three in 10 […]

Competition carries inspiration

Physique competitions are unique when compared with other athletic competitions. Athletes participating in physique competitions have no equipment with which to compete other than their bodies, and California Baptist University students are taking the stage at fitness competitions this spring. Yahir Velazquez, senior business administration major and personal trainer at CBU’s Recreation Center, knows the […]

Fitness helps rid faculty of stress

Between classes, conducting office hours and maintaining personal lives, professors at California Baptist University find the time to exercise and maintain  mental and physical health. Amy Miller, assistant professor of kinesiology, said she exercises five days a week. Her exercise regimen consists of running, hiking, cycling and swimming, as well as resistance training and playing […]

Runner leaves allergies in dust

Athletes know there are challenges associated with improving their skill. They are stretched and tested, sometimes leading them to feel discouraged. Taylor Guske, senior exercise science major and cross country runner, looks at the challenges he has overcome as an opportunity to give all the glory to God. After transferring to California Baptist University last […]