Photo illustration by Elijah Hickman | Banner | Daylight Saving Time ended on Nov. 7, when clocks fell back an hour.

Banner Busters: Is Daylight Saving necessary?

We all participated in the usual reversion to standard time on Nov. 7 after beginning Daylight Saving Time (DST) on March 14. DST has been controversial  since its beginning in the U.S. in March 1918. After Germany first used it in 1916 during World War I to save electricity, other nations including the U.S. began […]

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Being in a high risk COVID setting can cause stress for students, staff

It is no secret that the pandemic affected all of us. While it may have affected some more than others, there is no disputing the fact that everyone was affected somehow. A large portion of the population suffered from mental health issues during this time, and college students were no exception.  In an article published […]

Photo illustration by Camille Grochowski | Banner | Blue light glasses can help protect your eyes from the light emitted by electronic devices.

Banner Busters: Do blue light glasses save your eyes?

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced many in-person activities into virtual settings, spurring new product trends. Blue light glasses became popular as screen time increased. These glasses are meant to block blue light, the type emitted by electronic devices, in order to lessen potential eye damage and strain from staring at screens. One of the […]

Teddy Pena | Banner | To get into the fall season Teddy Pena, senior public relations major, demonstrates the steps to make pumpkin spiced muffins.

Lifestyle Tries: Baking pumpkin spiced muffins

With the fall season fully in effect, along comes a multitude of festive treats and activities. Pumpkin is essentially the dominating flavor that rules this time of year. From lattes to pancakes and even pasta, many areas of the culinary arts are showered with the pumpkin craze. A popular and classic recipe that never fails […]