Men discover importance of skincare

In today’s society, stores are predominantly stocked with female skincare products, and the percentage of men who pay attention to their skincare is low. Willie Woo, junior marketing major, said he believes culture has a strong role to play in why men do not actively take care of their skin. “It might be cultural,” Woo […]

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Women pursue STEM despite gender gap

While women make up half of the workforce in America, they only make up 29 percent of the science and engineering workforce. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, also known as STEM, are fields notorious for being male-dominated. Despite the odds, the women in STEM programs at California Baptist University are incredibly passionate about what they […]

Students beat public speaking anxieties

The art of public speaking is a versatile skill used throughout a multitude of careers. However, many people fear it more than death. Communication is a tool used for teamwork and relationship building. Whether someone is in engineering or customer service, they will have to effectively communicate a concept or idea at some point during […]