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New social work programs fill needs

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at California Baptist University launched in fall 2020 as an entry-level degree to work in the field of social work. Liza Arellano, licensed clinical social worker, assistant professor of social work and program director of the Bachelor of Social Work, said the program allows students to gain experience […]

Anna Chilson | Banner | The supplies needed to make clay earrings include a polymer clay, pliers, jump rings and more.

Lifestyle Tries: trendy polymer clay earrings

Polymer clay earrings have been on the up and up for the past year. Everyone has jumped in on the trend whether that be through starting their own small shop or adding these statement pieces to their wardrobe. Lifestyle Tries is here to get in on of the action and try a hand at making […]

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Fall semester planning approaches, students look to Career Center for guidance

As the summer season approaches, California Baptist University students are planning to register for the Fall 2021 semester. Class schedules, financial planning and career readiness are a few critical tasks to keep in mind amid the spring semester. Planning now can help better prepare any students to come to school ready for next fall. During […]

Photo Illustration by Luc Stringer | Banner | First-generation students can face hardships and obstacles while attending university, but their experiences help lead them into the future.

First-generation students share experiences

Going to college is not a universal rite of passage for every family. Many people either enter a trade school, pursue a job directly or simply end their education after high school.  Statistics show that nearly 43% of high school graduates (as of 2018) choose to not attend college. However, many young men and women […]

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Indoor plant-keeping becomes a trend across CBU community

Students at California Baptist University enjoy community and a sense of camaraderie. Over the past year, CBU students have been able to formulate community in the form of plant ownership. Indoor plants are versatile, which makes it convenient for students to easily decorate their space and tend to them as needed. Plant-owning has become more […]

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Students reflect on post-graduation opportunities

There are several reasons why a graduating senior would aspire to attend graduate school. With ever-growing competition in the professional space and an evolving job market, graduate school has become a more common option for California Baptist University students facing the end of their undergraduate years. Kimberly Gledhill, CBU master of social work student, explained […]

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‘Zoom fatigue’ rises in the pandemic

Since March 2020, when COVID-19 first changed the way our world functioned, most meetings for both school and work have continued to meet virtually for a full year now. As staring at a screen becomes the way most individuals spend their weeks, it can begin to take a toll on them. There are negative consequences […]

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Accountability pushes students to stay motivated

Accountability is an essential part of social development. As people mature, they develop an expectation that friends, family and  significant others will be there to help guide and encourage them. This is primarily through the process of being transparent and fully honest with one another. There are different avenues that require people to be accountable […]

Luc Stringer | Banner | A CBU student takes a mental break from her work by reading and drinking tea.

Students pause from work to recharge, rest and recuperate

Stressing over classes, struggling with deadlines and dealing with sleepless nights. These are all real situations in which college-aged students find themselves. Finding time to intentionally rest and let the mind take a break from the pressure of academia has been said to be helpful for students at California Baptist University. The practice of resting […]

Luc Stringer | Banner | Podcasts are great ways to consume diverse and interesting content delivered straight to your ears.

CBU students start their own podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a growing trend among college students across America in the past decade. These spoken-word specials have a spectrum of different genres intended to spark an interest for anyone. Many students have taken the initiative to go beyond listening to their favorite podcasts to starting a podcast series of their own.  Students […]