Three-fourths of CBU tuition directly assists student involvement

Seventy-two percent of tuition at California Baptist University is redistributed back to students. According to the CBU website, it costs $1,012 per unit and $13,156 per semester for 13 to 18 units. “About 33 percent of tuition and fee income is spent directly on instruction,” said Dr. Mark Wyatt, vice president of marketing and communications. “Another 23 percent is given back to students in institutional scholarships.” Wyatt said […]

Visiting hours restrict freshmen

The rules and regulations between freshmen and upperclassmen who live on campus regarding the visiting hours for men and women in different living areas are examined as the school year continues. The hours in which a student can visit a fellow Lancer differentiates in the various living areas. The hours for freshmen living areas are different from the visitation hours in all the other housing areas. Janelle Fagg, resident director […]

Students pack presents, prayers into shoeboxes

Hearts pound with anticipation when children receive their rectangular cardboard box; smiles instantly light up their faces. This is the moment they have been waiting for all year. Operation Christmas Child is a ministry project part of the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization. Over the past decade the project has collaborated with local churches and organizations […]

Instagram aids photographers

By Jessica Bills  A&E Editor   In April 2012, Instagram reached more than 100 million users and with the popularity increase, the app is changing not only photography but also photographers. Darren J. Stevens, junior theology major, contributes Instagram’s success to the accessibility and affordability it gives its “insta-photographers.” “Typically if you were to be […]

Chapel requirements bring about differing opinions, reasoning from student body

By Rebekah Wahlberg Copy Chief   Mandatory chapel has been an integral part of California Baptist University since its founding as a college in 1950. “It’s always been an expectation,” said Brett Vowell, director of chapel and of  compassion ministries. “It’s part of CBU culture; it’s part of Christian university culture; it’s part of Baptist […]