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Positive thinking influences good fitness habits

College can be challenging but maintaining a healthy mindset in one’s life can help with adjusting to campus life. While studying in college is stressful, making time for one’s own physical health is key to maintaining balance. Students with a positive mindset should be able to form new healthy lifestyle habits, perhaps starting with physical […]

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Fall holiday inspires “Friendsgiving” tradition

The holidays are arriving soon and many students are preparing to spend time with their family and close relatives, but some students are looking forward to a different tradition — Friendsgiving. Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving-like celebration with friends bringing different traditions from that of one’s family. Friends will collectively bring food and desert for the […]

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Exercise can relieve stress

Dealing with the stresses that accompany college life can not only affect a person physically, but emotionally too. For many, this causes students to experience anything from anxiety to full-on depression. According to, in 2014, the rate for student depression rose to more than 9.5 percent. Although every day it may be difficult, there are […]

Chefs in training provide quality meals in restaurant

Riverside Community College’s Culinary Academy opens its doors during breakfast and lunch hours for the general public to enjoy the food prepared, cooked and served by its students. A program that started more than 10 years ago, the Culinary Academy recently moved its facilities to downtown Riverside, fully equipped with new appliances to further the […]