Elijah Hickman | Banner Catalina Island offers a wide variety of activities and views for tourists to experience. Rebecca Knight, 26, traveled with her husband from San Diego to vacation on Catalina Island in celebration of their sixth anniversary.

Students explore and appreciate Catalina Island

The famous Catalina Island is only a boat ride away and offers ravishing landscapes, fun activities and great shops making it perfect for a “daycation” off campus. The green covered island is lined with sandy beaches and house-covered hills making it resemble beautiful Italian coasts. As this small island is surrounded by beautiful blue water […]

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Spiritual and educational aspects at CBU influence students

Picking the right college can be daunting, yet numerous college students evaluated their wants and needs time and time again, leading them to enroll at California Baptist University. Some students are influenced by mere adaptability when leaving their homes and uprooting their lives internationally. Olawumi Omofomah, graduate student in leadership and organizational studies, said as […]

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How to help friends struggling with mental health

When people struggle with mental illnesses, looking for a hand to hold or a shoulder to rest on during difficult times is sometimes necessary. Mental illnesses can come in many different forms, including depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.  These mental illnesses can cause dreary thoughts and bring minds to worst-case scenarios, […]

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Popular fitness trends leave long-term health problems

Staying fit is often a battle about which many college students are pressured to worry. As a result, one might turn to trending fads that can actually do more harm than good. Fitness fads include popularized ways of achieving weight goals, including weight-loss pills, waist trainers, juice cleanses, extreme carb cutting and more. The problem […]

Phillip Ndowu | Banner | Drew Williams, senior music education major, and Ke’Aira Wilkes, junior education major, spend the afternoon reading mystery novels at The Last Bookstore in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles’ The Last Bookstore offers fun for more than book lovers

Located in downtown Los Angeles, The Last Bookstore is California’s largest new and used book and vinyl store, holding more than a quarter million books as well as Instagram-famous photo ops. The two-story bookstore includes books of all genres, the Arts & Rare Book Annex, the famous book tunnel through which visitors can walk, as […]

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Students face differences in social spaces

A student’s college experience and social engagment is directly affected by whether he or she is an extroverted or introverted individual. Making friends, participating in class and being involved in on-campus activities are all part of the student experience. Some students find this to be challenging and encounter various setbacks while others adjust to this […]

Madison Santana | Banner | Randi Wuflestad, sophomore Journalism major, makes flower wall art for her chic dorm room with a few simple supplies and a hot glue gun.

Lifestyle Tries: Flower-wall decor

There is no doubt that having an “Insta-worthy” dorm room can be a pricey thing to achieve. However, why overspend on décor when the same product, or perhaps something even better, can be recreated for less money? Not only does this route entail less spending, but it is also a fun and creative way to […]