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Staying active while in college is important for overall wellness

Roughly 87% of graduate students and 81% of undergraduate students considered their health to be good, great or excellent in 2019, according to the National College Health Assessment Report recorded by the American College Health Association (ACHA). Despite the students’ strong belief that they were healthy, only 64.3% of college students exercised the recommended 150 […]

Photo Illustration by Claire Grimes | Banner | Cleaning products are among the most popular clean goods.

Sustainable Switch: How does Target promote sustainability?

As a consumption-oriented society, we are used to immediate gratification and disposable purchasing. The majority of what we buy ends up in landfills that will stay for decades after we use them. Jacob Lanphere, professor of environmental science, said that “our lifestyles typically are geared towards single used transactions.” All the plastic we use in […]

Luc Stringer | Banner | Podcasts are great ways to consume diverse and interesting content delivered straight to your ears.

CBU students start their own podcasts

Listening to podcasts is a growing trend among college students across America in the past decade. These spoken-word specials have a spectrum of different genres intended to spark an interest for anyone. Many students have taken the initiative to go beyond listening to their favorite podcasts to starting a podcast series of their own.  Students […]

Teddy Pena | Banner | Vision boards are a versatile and creative way to set intentions and manage goals. Pinterest is a great tool for creating paperless vision boards and looking for visual inspiration.

Lifestyle Tries: Creating a vision board for 2021

Vision boards are a great way for students to have a visual representation of what inspires them. Through vision boards, creativity can flow and goals can be made. Vision boards can be made on an actual board or can be made through the app Pinterest as a paperless, free option. Board: Purchasing a corkboard from […]