Thrills, adventures to seek in the Southern California area

The scariest local theme parks to visit during this fall season.  The options are endless for horrific movie-themed mazes, scarily decorated theme parks and frightful haunted hayrides during the Halloween season in Southern California. Halloween is often thought to be the best time of year to get thrilled and scared, but as amusement parks decorate for the holidays, the […]

New year offers students new clubs, opportunities to pursue passions

The beginning of a school year comes with new experiences that allow students to grow academically and socially. California Baptist University aids in this growth through extensive social activities and opportunities. Not only does CBU provide intramural sports, small groups and off-campus adventures, but CBU also offers students diverse clubs for every interest. Featuring more […]

Mobilization teams impacts nations, students over Summer

During Summer 2017 teams of students traveled across the globe to share their faith through International Service Projects offered by the Office of Spiritual Life. Mission trips provide opportunities for California Baptist University students to reach a deeper understanding being selfless and humble. Ruthy Alraei, sophomore visual arts major, went to South Africa and said […]

Students beat public speaking anxieties

The art of public speaking is a versatile skill used throughout a multitude of careers. However, many people fear it more than death. Communication is a tool used for teamwork and relationship building. Whether someone is in engineering or customer service, they will have to effectively communicate a concept or idea at some point during […]