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How to not have senioritis hit hard this spring

After completing at least seven semesters of classes and extracurricular activities, seniors approaching gradua- tion in the spring are pushing through their last semester. This can be extremely difficult for some as courses, heavy workloads and balancing responsibilities can cause wear on students throughout the years. Senior students often look toward graduation with excitement, but […]

Danielle Lutjens | Banner | Many foods that are marketed as healthy or beneficial do more harm than good, such as Gatorade which has 34 grams of sugar in one serving.

Diet foods not necessarily healthy

With a growing number of people concerned with dieting and weight loss in to- day’s society, many turn to processed diet and low-fat food products as an easy solution to the problem. Though such diet and fat-free products claim to be healthier, they often contain high amounts of sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. Dina Soliman, […]

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Pinterest presents app to help users save money

Creating a Pinterest account could result in many things: a freshly do-it-yourself (DIY) craft, a new recipe to try, a different fitness routine, or perhaps even some budgeting tips to help manage monthly expenses. Pinterest was introduced in 2010 as an application where people could share their ideas and discover inspiration for new interests. Designed […]

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Students gain new outlook on life through traveling abroad

College students who choose to travel across the globe gain beneficial and life-changing experiences. Full-time college students often seek to experience independence. Choosing to experience a different part of the world while meetings new and unfamiliar faces can be the push to maturity and culture appreciation that countless young adults desire. Often, college students are […]

International celebration fuels student community

International students came together Nov. 12-15 at California Baptist University to learn more about one another and display their cultures for International Celebration Week. This event teaches students about different cultures so students can learn about one another. The different days of the week are for different events. Monday night was the Karaoke night, Tuesday […]

Courtesy of Carol Minton-Ryan | Banner | Dr. Carol Minton-Ryan, professor of sociology, poses with her research team and teachers from the School for the Deaf.

Professor leads team in Malawi

Dr. Carol Minton-Ryan said when she first visited Malawi in 1998, at the time only a student herself, she had no idea of the impact a small, African country would have on her. Minton-Ryan became a professor of sociology at California Baptist University 16 years ago after working as a nurse. Her work has taken […]

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Veterans transition to academic life after serving the county

After fighting to protect the United States, some veterans return to college may face academic struggles and a challenging transition into civilian life. Veterans, who once trained vigorously to maintain the U.S. national defense, are now choosing a non-combatant life of studying, classes and homework. However, not all veterans are prepared for the shocking reality  […]

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Students often switch majors, choose a different career path

Switching majors has become a common trend among college students. according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Almost 80 percent of American students switch their major at least once during their years at a university for a variety of reasons. Many students have started to weigh the pros and cons of switching their major, […]

Kelsie Stevens | Banner | Britany Ducca, senior environmental science major and president of the environmental science club, shows club members the possible spot for the new Lancer Farms.

Lancer Farms set to bloom in spring

If students were to pass The Cottage’s Resident Advisers’ office in Spring 2018 they would have found a thriving garden full of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and a wooden sign with the words “Lancer Farms.” Now one might not recognize it — just a gate and some grass remain. The Farm was a student-organized garden run […]