Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares how to make confetti eggs at Easter celebrations.

Lifestyle Tries: What is it?

With spring in full swing and the Easter holiday just right around the corner, there are many activities that the new season brings. Like other holidays, the Easter holiday brings a diverse set of cultural and familial traditions. One common association with Easter is confetti eggs. The confetti egg, also commonly referred to as a […]

Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps on creative ways to save money through upcycling. Students can repurpose old materials to create new, useful items. Teddy Peña

Lifestyle Tries: Upcycling can save money, help conserve

For college-aged students, the value of frugality and budgeting money is important. There are many ways to repurpose, budget and save money to make being a college student just a little bit easier. This includes goal-oriented shopping, intentional saving or even the cash envelope system. One thing that is very common on college campuses is […]

Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps for making unique fleece blankets.

Lifestyle Tries: Making fleece blankets

Crafting anything from scratch comes with a sense of accomplishment and pride. A homemade blanket is a unique accent piece as an addition to any room in the house or as a heartfelt gift.  These blankets can easily be made personable because of the large selection of fleece material that can be found at a […]

Teddy Pena | Banner | To get into the fall season Teddy Pena, senior public relations major, demonstrates the steps to make pumpkin spiced muffins.

Lifestyle Tries: Baking pumpkin spiced muffins

With the fall season fully in effect, along comes a multitude of festive treats and activities. Pumpkin is essentially the dominating flavor that rules this time of year. From lattes to pancakes and even pasta, many areas of the culinary arts are showered with the pumpkin craze. A popular and classic recipe that never fails […]

Charissa Graves | Banner | The Banner's Lifestyle team demonstrates how to make fun and seasonal doormats using craft supplies. This DIY

Lifestyle Tries: Creating custom welcome mats

Making a good first impression is everything, especially when entering a home. A doormat with a funny phrase or a friendly welcome adds a touch of personality to a home. Instead of spending money purchasing a doormat, you can create a one-of-a-kind welcome. There are nine materials you will need to make your own doormat: […]