Reagan Lee | Banner | Ashwin Sharma, first year medical student at the University of California, Riverside, conducts the Point in Time survery with Tanya, 52, who has been homeless for 4 years.

Locals help count Riverside’s homeless

Hundreds of volunteers woke up before the sun Jan. 29 with one goal in mind, to help Riverside county’s homeless population as part of the annual Point-in-Time count. Armed with phones and electronic devices, volunteers scoured the county and met their neighbors without homes. A total of 747 volunteers were split into separate groups that […]

Kristen Vargas | Kristyn and Keith Getty with the Band of Northern Ireland/Nashville, TN share their culture and praise God while they perform.

Modern hymn writers bring folk and world music to chapel service

A majority of Christians know the song “In Christ Alone,” a modern hymn that tells the story of Christ. But what is not as commonly known are the writers and original singers behind the world-famous song, Kristyn and Keith Getty, who came to California Baptist University Oct. 25 to lead the congregation during Chapel, joined […]

ROTC cadets learn squad tactics

California Baptist University’s Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) cadets trained at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton near San Diego Nov. 16-18 to learn basic squad movement and techniques in simulated combat. The purpose of simulated combat, also known as field training exercises (FTX), is to prepare ROTC cadets to be competent second lieutenants in the […]

Madison Santana | Banner | Many national parks and forests have been closed during the government shutdown because of the lack of funding from the government. Among the parks affected was San Bernadino's National Forest where they had to close a road.

National parks suffer from partial government shutdown

After the start of the partial U.S. federal government shutdown, which began Dec. 21, 2018, national parks began to experience their share of the effects. The federal government offices affected were reopened Jan. 25 when President Donald J. Trump signed a continuing resolution that reopens agencies through Feb. 15. However, reopened agencies may take some […]

Courtesy of Unsplash

Partial government shutdown becomes longest in U.S. history

The partial U.S. government shutdown, which began Dec. 22, was the longest in the nation’s history. The federal offices affected were reopened Jan. 25 when President Donald J. Trump signed a continuing resolution that reopens agencies through Feb. 15. Stretching more than five weeks, the shutdown began after the Republican and Democratic parties failed to […]

Lauren Shelburne | Banner | Resident walked the remnants of Bell Canyon with tools in hand ready to help their neighbors in need. A common bond of tragedy brought together new friends as they dug through debris to try to find what remained of their homes after the Woolsey Canyon Fire quickly ripped through the hillsides dividing Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

Fires devastate Ventura, LA, Butte counties

Fires raging across California the past month have now been 100 percent contained, according to the California Fire Department. Two major blazes ran through Northern and Southern California both igniting Nov. 8. The Camp Fire in Northern California’s Butte County burned for 18 days and Southern California’s “Woosley Fire” in Ventura and Los Angeles counties […]

Kelsie Stevens | Banner | Ashley Lobos, junior environmental science major, picks up a Kindness rock which reads, “You shine as bright as gold.” This was part of a project called the “Kindness Rocks Project” created by Megan Murphy.

Riverside celebrates kindness

Kindness rocks fills the Riverside community spreading positivity to everyone with just one sentence written on a rock. These rocks are spread around different cities intended to cheer people up. Megan Murphy, founder of the Kindness Rocks Project, said she started this project after her parents died in her early 20s, and while she was […]

Sage Zbinden | JP Scheuble, senior music education major, delivers a harmonious flavor of tunes directly towards the audience straight ahead.

Camerata makes its 2018 debut

California Baptist University has recently started a new, exclusive ensemble called Camerata, which features students in an elite academic and classical ensemble in order to dig into the choral arts at a more advanced level. Camerata was created to explore advanced choral art music and to fulfill its expanded desire to prepare students for music […]