Gunman targets TSA at LAX, kills agent

Bradlee Locke – News Editor Los Angeles, Calif. 5:30 p.m. Nov. 2, 2013 Droves of passengers and employees fled Terminal 3 at the Los Angeles International Airport on Friday morning when a man armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle opened fire and specifically targeted Transportation Security Administration employees, killing one TSA agent and injuring several […]

Financial burden eased; student loan interest rate decreased

The House of Representatives passed a bill July 31 that will reduce the costs of taking out loans for many students attending universities in the United States. Students attending California Baptist University will save a substantial amount of money this fall because of the bipartisan compromise  reached this summer. Undergraduate students will be able to […]

Proposition 8 repealed; same-sex marriage legalized in California

age was legalized in California, overturning Proposition 8 and providing gay couples the chance to be legally recognized as one unit. Same-sex marriage, domestic partnerships and civil rights have been controversial topics for California, but have become especially prevalent due to a recently passed proposition. The Supreme Court invalidated Prop. 8 June 26, which stated, […]

Preventative action taken to eliminate human trafficking

In the FBI’s latest crackdown on human trafficking within the United States, 105 children were rescued and more than 150 procurers arrested. Operation Cross Country took place over the course of three days in late July in 76 cities across the country. In 2003, the FBI launched the Innocence Lost National Initiative, aiming “at addressing […]