The science of borrowing

A new report released by the Pew Research Center found that more college students are accepting loans and in larger amounts. The study found that in 2008, 60 percent of graduates with Bachelor’s degrees borrowed more than in 1996, when only 52 percent of students took out loans. It also reported that among the 2008 […]

News Briefs Dec. 10, 2010

STAR TREK SIMULATOR RIDE Star Trek the Exhibit: Where Science Meets Science Fiction has added a new attraction for visitors to enjoy. A simulator ride started on Nov. 26 and will continue until Jan. 2 in accordance with the Festival of Lights celebration. The ride will be open Monday through Thursday from noon until 6 […]

Managing your busyness

Christmas and New Year’s Day are approaching, which means spring semester is just around the corner. For those who feel that 2010 was not exactly the most organizationally savvy year, it may be wise to think about what to put on their Christmas list. The following options will help manage a busy spring-semester schedule: the […]

1 Loko, 2 Loko, 3 Loko, Gone?

Four Lokos, an energy drink mixed with alcohol, could be labeled “cocaine in can.” This is precisely why this beverage was banned which resulted in mixed emotions from its consumers. Four Lokos, which is said to be the youth’s drink of choice, is composed of 12 percent alcohol. It contains caffeine, taurine like most energy […]

Latenight Breakfast

As the intensity of finals season is upon the students at California Baptist University, the Campus Activities Board , led by director Chris Hofschroer, plans to keep the tradition of a late night breakfast. CAB will provide students with the usual breakfast items in the Alumni Dining Commons on Tuesday Dec. 14 from 10 p.m.- […]

Coffee Depot closes its doors

A tragic family event prompts the closing of a local favorite. After ten years of service, the mom-and-pop coffee shop, a favorite among students, will close it’s doors. On Dec. 26 Coffee Depot will say goodbye to the local community for good. The reason being: owners, Geof and Evelyn Gaines, are relocating because of family […]