Making friends is fun and entertaining for college students but in the business world, socializing becomes a way to help your business grow and prosper. Networking, which is the term given to the act of building relationships for business purposes, is necessary because of the ever increasing competitive nature in the business field. The sometimes […]

Midnight Madness

On Oct. 25, 2010 at California Baptist University, the “Crazies” made their presence known during the annual tradition of Midnight Madness, back with a new twist. Returning crazies decided earlier in the year that the familiar yellow crazies was to be replaced with the new “Lancer Gold” crazies shirt. There were also new twists to […]

Open mic with a CBU twist

“Open Mic Night,” hosted by students, is quickly becoming a tradition for residents in the Cottages. Students from all over campus participated in “Open Mic Night” on Oct. 25. The event occurred at 8 p.m. in the middle of the Cottages courtyard and featured talented students from all over campus, performing for peers. “I really […]

City Renaissance Changes ‘Dynamics’

The City of Riverside works vigorously to complete a project to remodel the city that will take five years. Through a $1.57 billion investment, Riverside officials hope to finish the remodeling project, labeled the Riverside Renaissance. If completed, this project will have accomplished more construction in Riverside in only five years than in the past […]

“Shadows” of the deceased

An awing silence exists inside the California Museum of Photography (CMP) as David Maisal’s photography exhibit, entitled “History’s Shadows and Library of Dust” was displayed. The exhibit on the first floor of the CMP is “History’s Shadows.” The photographs are of X-rays of classical Western or Asian sculptures, originally made for conservational purposes. Historically, the […]