Thinking Toward 2012

The arrival of summer break is likely the foremost thought in student’s minds these days but folks in Washington are already thinking towards 2012. The year 2012 is a big one for elections and people are wondering, will Barack Obama become a two-term president? Well, he placed his presidential re-election bid on Apr. 4 and […]

News Briefs April 1, 2011

TAXES DUE By Jon Beam For students who have not filed their taxes for 2010, April 15 is fast approaching. For single students who have Federal or State income tax taken out of their paychecks and make less than $9,350 per year, they can still file and receive refunds. For married students filing jointly, the […]

Stumped at the Pump

Gas prices are reaching totals not seen since 2008 as the price of oil climbs past $100 per barrel. The rise in oil costs led to higher prices at the pump. Most gas stations around the Inland Empire have bumped the price of regular unleaded gasoline to $4. Oil shortages in some Middle Eastern countries […]

Students learn to lead at conference

In a time when intercollegiate athletics, intramural football rivalries and academic achievement qualifications fuel the healthy and passionate competition between Christian universities, it is refreshing to have a weekend of events dedicated to unifying and inspiring the most influential members from each respective college: the student leaders. Each spring, after each university has selected its […]

To Vote Or Not: Why student voting creates a controversy

As the 2012 presidential election approaches, the state legislature in New Hampshire has considered making changes that affect voter identification, residency requirements, same-day registration and voting by mail to clear up any confusion that students might have and my also influence other states, as addressed by Capitol Hill. Students play an important role in elections […]

News Briefs March 11, 2011

WOMEN’S DAY IN MARCH March commemorates and pays tribute to the generations of women who have proved invaluable to society. Riverside is one of many cities in the United States taking part in celebrating these women by hosting “Gather the Women 2011.”The Gather event kicked off with a “Join Women on the Bridge” event on […]

Healthy Expansion of Opportunity

The College of Allied Health has been open since August 2010 and it is expanding by adding the new Department of Health Sciences for the upcoming fall semester. Led by Chuck Sands, the founding dean of the college of allied health, the department hopes to open this fall with three new areas of study. “It’s […]

Building connections for future employment

In an effort to help students grow and incorporate their careers into the Riverside community, there are programs that stress the importance of internships and provide students with a valuable career experience. Among these programs is the Riverside EDvantage citywide internship program which specifically focus- es on bringing the Riverside community together by connecting students […]