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Vaccine mandates succeed historically

Great debate has risen all throughout the country as COVID-19 vaccine mandates are beginning to be enforced. Many people argue that vaccine mandates are needed to control the COVID-19 pandemic, while others argue that forcing vaccines is a violation of American constitutional freedom. Vaccine mandates are nothing new in this country and have occurred throughout […]

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Society and media must value local government

What election is the most important one we participate in as American citizens? Most people would point to the presidential election as the most important day for voters in America. The 2020 presidential election took place almost one year ago. We will not have another presidential election for three years, meaning that a nationwide election […]

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Christians should support the religion in Kanye West’s album

“You my Chick-fil-A,” was a common meme of a lyric from Kanye West’s 2019 effort, “JESUS IS KING.” While simultaneously clever and eye-rolling in its approach to the subject, Kanye West’s “JESUS IS KING” (and the subsequent Sunday Service Choir that spun off of that) is an overall genuine statement of faith from a wild […]