Intramural basketball provides ex-athletes with competitive social outlet

Most athletes who are unable to play at the collegiate level look back on their high school years and reminisce on their glory days. However, intramural sports at California Baptist University have supplied athletes with an active outlet through which they are able to continue playing the sport. When one thinks of intramural sports, they […]

Long hours of traveling promote unity for Lancer athletic teams

Athletic teams at California Baptist University are close-knit groups that stick together like family, allowing each athlete to enjoy and develop fun traditions with their teammates while on the road and at home. The women’s soccer and basketball teams are just two families within the CBU athletic programs that enjoy spending time together. This season, […]

Rick Croy takes head coach job after Collins’ retirement

Rick Croy was formally announced Tuesday as the new men’s head basketball coach at California Baptist University. The announcement was made during a press conference held to welcome Croy into the Lancer family. At the conference Croy answered questions from the media about what his plans are for the new season. Croy discussed how thankful […]

New coaches added to Lancer legacy

In the upcoming volleyball and basketball seasons, Branden Higa, Wes Schneider and Jarrod Olsen will be making their first appearances as the newest head coaches at CBU. Branden Higa, head coach of women’s volleyball, Wes Schneider, head coach of men’s volleyball and Jarrod Olsen, head coach of women’s basketball, all have extensive training as well […]