NAIA champs set to repeat

The California Baptist University Men’s volleyball team is looking to regain the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) national champions title this upcoming season. The team’s theme for this season is BUILD: Brotherhood, Unity, Intelligence, Leadership and D for whatever each player finds motivating, such as Desire, Determination or Dominance. After winning the NAIA National […]

CBU Softball, ready for spring

As the women of California Baptist University softball team prepare for the last season in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), more preparation for just another season of softball is happening – they are preparing to leave the NAIA as national champions. The CBU softball program, under Coach Mike Smith and Coach Bill Baber, […]

Pursuing Discipline

Establish a goal and discipline yourself to pursue it. California Baptist University Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies and Director of the Global Center, Jeff Lewis learned to apply this in many areas of his life, including in the swimming pool. A three time All-American swimmer, Lewis excelled in the water at the University of Tennessee. […]

Running to Beat Records

The season began with a time of great personal loss for the California Baptist University Cross Country team. By the end of the season, the team overcame as they collected several personal honors and broke many team records. This year’s team persevered through the pain of the pre-season auto accident resulting in the death of […]

Three Cheers For New Coach

The fate of the California Baptist University cheer team was unknown until Oct. 26, when new coach, Tami Fleming, was hired to replace Coach Wendy Rice.  Fleming and Rice met 11 years ago while coaching for Glendora High School. Since they met their relationship grew and they became close friends. “Wendy was my best friend […]

Pursuing Victory

The desire to win has been the goal of many great athletes throughout history. This desire is fledged out through the hard work that shows in the sweat on a practice jersey, the bruises from tackling drills on a football field and the extra swings in the cage a player takes after his team leaves […]

CBU Blocked By Top Tier Opponent

After a loss last season to the national champions, California Baptist University (CBU) Lancers, Pepperdine University’s men’s volleyball team came back thirsty for a win to restore their honor and accomplished exactly that on Nov. 10. The CBU Lancers lost 25-21 in the fifth set. Because the game was a scrimmage, the men played to […]