Athletic Department: compliance is key

Previous violations of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regulations have cost teams championships, players Heisman Trophies and countless jobs within athletic programs. Newest member of the NCAA Division II Pacific West conference, California Baptist University, has a fresh slate in the eyes of the NCAA, but precautions must take precedence in order to avoid penalties […]

Lancer’s Athletics Creates Opportunities

The California Baptist University Lancers established themselves as a very successful collegiate program, not only for their ability to win titles at the collegiate level, but also in their ability to produce professional athletes. The baseball program at CBU has been especially successful, seeing their players get drafted into Major League Baseball. This success has […]

CBU takes NCAA for a test drive

“Members of the Pacific West (PacWest) Conference look forward to competing against California Baptist University because the Lancers will help strengthen an already strong conference,” Athletic Director Micah Parker said. “They know that bringing in good institutions and good programs just makes the conference stronger,” Parker said. The Lancers completed year one of a three-year […]

Emma Holden: The Passion of A Pitcher

Senior Emma Holden’s passion for pitching propelled her to a season filled with award winning accomplishments. In 2011 Holden was voted Press Enterprise’s Performer of the Year. Polling for the award began with 16 candidates, all former Press Enterprise Performers of the Week. Holden has played softball since she was 5-years-old, but she did not […]

New Coach Hire Not A Novice

After coaching nine straight seasons at the University of California, Davis, the university cut the wrestling program (along with four other sports programs) due to budget concerns, leaving experienced Lennie Zalesky to find another coaching position. His search led him to California Baptist University, one of the few Christian Universities with a wrestling team. “I […]

Champions defend Fortuna Titles

Last year’s Fortuna Bowl champions were not ready to relinquish their titles as they faced off against two new teams in this year’s flag football championship game. On Friday Nov. 5, four intramural flag football teams met on California Baptist University’s altered front lawn for an annual tradition that boasted high attendance (an estimate 2000 […]

A strong core for CBU baseball

The California Baptist University baseball program ended its 2010 season in a new location: the NAIA World Series, after five years of not being in the tournament. After a program record of 49 wins, Point Loma Nazarene University sent the Lancers home from Lewiston, Idaho after losing game three of the NAIA World Series. Though […]

World Cup Wrap Up

What happens every four years and has millions of people in an uproar? No, it’s not a leap year. It’s the FIFA World Cup. Although soccer is still not as popular in the U.S. as Baseball or Football; its global impact during the world cup is one that surpasses any other sport in the world. […]