Upcoming wrestling season brings tough training regimen

The wrestling team at California Baptist University has just started their pre-season training regimen, preparing for the tough competition ahead of them with eight-hour weeks of practices. Lennie Zalesky, head wrestling coach, said that the eight-hour weeks benefit the team through technique training and conditioning. “We use this time to either weight lift or condition,” […]

Historic opportunity for wrestler in tournament

During the Labor Day weekend, California Baptist University was represented at the 2015 World Wrestling Greco-Roman Tournament by CBU wrestler and student Micah Lopez. As a high school student, Lopez competed in the tournament at a junior level, winning gold in the Independent Interscholastic Athletic Association of Guam All-Island Wrestling Tournament as a junior and […]

Reaching new heights

After a three-year probation period, California Baptist University was officially recognized last July as a full-fledged National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II member. With the 2013 fall semester of athletics completed, CBU stands tall in NCAA Division II rankings. CBU athletics have undergone many changes this past year. Teams have adapted to the new standard […]