iPhoneography: New online products cater to the growing technology trend

Aspiring iPhone photographers now have more options at their fingertips than just Instagram or Hipstamatic. Websites such as Photojojo provide lenses, filters and more for smartphone owners to utilize in order to enhance their phone photography. While many people now use their iPhones as point-and-shoot cameras, few would replace their DSLRS with them due to […]

New coaches added to Lancer legacy

In the upcoming volleyball and basketball seasons, Branden Higa, Wes Schneider and Jarrod Olsen will be making their first appearances as the newest head coaches at CBU. Branden Higa, head coach of women’s volleyball, Wes Schneider, head coach of men’s volleyball and Jarrod Olsen, head coach of women’s basketball, all have extensive training as well […]

Ah Nuts!

Looking for a snack low in calories but appealing to the taste buds? The answer to your problem is found in the legume family. Nuts like almonds, cashews, pecans and walnuts are nutritious and delicious snacks that benefit your health more than unhealthy sugary snacks that result in an energy crash. “The best way to […]