Elijah Hickman | Banner | Jatzel Garcia, senior biology major, takes advantage of the Alumni Dining Commons new study time to prepare herself for upcoming classes.

University opens ADC for late-night study hall on weeknights

So many students, not enough space. Over the past few years, the population of students at California Baptist University has grown immensely. While this has led to great success for the university as a whole, it also brought the need for more study spaces. With few options, students have gotten creative in the past in […]

Kengkue Her | Banner | Madelyn Bradley, sophomore nutrition major, tosses a salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, broccolis and others, at the Alumni Dining Commons.

Students discover healthier meals

Students at California Baptist University have a variety of on-campus food options, which o er a number of hearty and healthy meals. Rushing to class, work and study groups has nudged count- less students to grab an un- healthy and quick bite to eat. Although ordering that mouth- watering, grease-dripping and cheese-stuffed burger may be […]

Campus cats

You may have seen those furry little creatures roaming around campus, but little do you know the controversy that lies behind the cats on campus? Over the years, many students at California Baptist University have noticed a number of felines making the campus their home. While some students welcome these cats with open arms and […]

You Dig?

October 18-22 was a time for gathering among a very specific group on the California Baptist University campus. Man Week brought guys from all over campus together for one purpose: to grow deeper in their relationships with each other and Christ. The theme this year for Man Week was “You Dig,” which focused on growing […]