Kengkue Her | Banner | Ivo Ferreira Goncalves, freshmen mechanical engineer major, gets his box of pizza from the Pi-2-Go section at the Alumni Dining Commons’ new obscure eats feature on Sunday nights.

Alumni Dining Commons offers students different meal options

New experiences, favors and exotic food options are not always what one might expect when going to California Baptist University’s Alumni Dining Commons. However, with the new Obscure Eats pop-up restaurant series, students now have that option. Obscure Eats is now a weekly occurrence at CBU, taking place every Sunday night from 5—8 p.m. This […]

Campus cats

You may have seen those furry little creatures roaming around campus, but little do you know the controversy that lies behind the cats on campus? Over the years, many students at California Baptist University have noticed a number of felines making the campus their home. While some students welcome these cats with open arms and […]

Eating at Home vs. at School

California Baptist University offers students an all-you-can-eat buffet in the Alumni Dining Commons, quick snacks at Wanda’s Cafe and filling to-go meals at Brisco’s. But with all this “good” food offered on campus, students find themselves wondering if this “good” food is good for their bodies, or if it would be healthier to just eat […]