Amazon makes physical stores that only sell top-rated products

Amazon is currently the world’s largest online retailer. generated net sales of over $112 million in the United States in 2020 alone, according to Statista. As Amazon has continued to grow in sales, it has expanded as well. In 2006 it introduced Prime Video, Amazon’s subscription-based streaming service. In 2007 it introduced Amazon Fresh, […]

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Amazon recieves approval to begin drone-delivery system

These days, consumers expect deliveries in record time, but Amazon is about to start rolling out what is potentially the fastest and most effective delivery system of all time. The Federal Aviation Administration approved Amazon’s new drone delivery program in early September, allowing Jeff Bezos’ industry giant to move forward with this technology. Amazon has […]

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Coronavirus impact on tech and game industries

The technology industry has experienced a famine over the last few weeks as the effects of the novel coronavirus devastate production and sales. Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and other companies reliant on Chinese production are experiencing massive disruption to their businesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported an outbreak of COVID-19 to the public on Dec. […]

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Amazon forest fires lack funding

Thousands watched as smoke billowed up from one of the world’s most famous landmarks. Around the globe, people donated to help the firefighting efforts, with governments and international corporations pledging millions, as well. That was the scene after the fire inside the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Since the fire on April 15, more than  […]

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Amazon slated to lose major advantage over competitors

Amazon Prime offers a variety of benefits to its members including Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Now. However, it appears that the company may be losing its biggest advantage over its competition: free two-day shipping. Amazon’s free two-day shipping has been highly coveted by other marketplaces and has been made possible by Amazon’s warehouses […]

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Artificial intelligence defies societal worry

In movies such as “Terminator” (1984), “Ex Machina” (2014) and “iRobot” (2004), artificial intelligence is portrayed as dangerous, but it could be a helpful tool in the world today. Modern AI is at work in devices such as self-driving cars and drones that deliver Amazon packages. Dr. Berniece Alspach, associate professor of English, said she […]