Misty Severi | Banner | An untitled artwork by California Baptist University student Emma Limitaco was displayed at the entrance of the latest Art Exhibit titled New Genres.

Rose Gallery hosts new student exhibit

Fuzzy, brightly colored yarn dangling from the ceiling over a pile of comfortable fluffy pillows and blankets. People lying beneath the covers under a nostalgic, oversized-chair fort, staring up at the drawings of stars lit up by a black light. A large, dark structure framing a doorway. Through that doorway is a blue-hued underwater landscape, […]

White walls become a creative canvas

The grand opening the Riverside plaza’s art exhibit al- lowed the community to experience art which displays various themes such as “playing the part,” “looking beyond the exterior.” It was hosted by the Riverside Arts Council and opened on Oct. 17. The guest curators were Denise Kraemer and Sharon Suhovy. Kraemer, who graduated from California […]