Please stop saying the Bible is an easy read because it is not

Growing up I attended “non-denominational” evangelical Protestant Christian churches, and one thing that I was constantly told was, “Read your Bible!” Bible reading was, rightly, presented as an extraordinarily important spiritual discipline and integral to spiritual growth. Yet Bible reading was treated like it was one of the easiest activities in the world. I was […]

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Reading Scripture strengthens believers’ relationship with Christ

Reading Scripture everyday can be a difficult yet promising practice that originates from a deep desire to discover who God is. The Bible asserts that faith is not based on a Christian’s actions, but rather on Christ’s decision to act for humanity. Because Jesus Christ loved people enough to die for them, those who accept […]

Olive Tree Bible app makes Bible reading easy to do

Olive Tree Bible, an app created by Nelson Media Inc., is an easy-to-use Bible application for Android and iOS devices, making the Old and New testaments easier to digest and understand with accessible background information, quick references and customized guides. This Bible study app allows the user to highlight passages in the Bible and customize […]