Luc Stringer | Banner | Students wear masks on campus to protect themselves and others from viral infections.

Students take part in slowing spread of COVID-19 on campus

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge across Southern California, students at California Baptist University are preparing themselves for a different spring semester. The drastic rise in cases has made the health of students and staff an increasingly heavy burden to bear, one that returning students must help shoulder if the school is to have a […]

Kelsie Stevens | Banner | Many low-waste living essentials, such as sliverware and glass cups, are made of sustainable and recyclable materials. These essentials are also reusable, getting rid of the need for single-use plastics that can pollute the environment.

Low-waste living trend progresses

With the current global attitude shifting to a more environmentally-friendly outlook, many people have started to look at their consumption habits and change their routines to help the planet. One new lifestyle trend that is growing in popularity is the low- waste or zero-waste movement. Alondra Blanco, sophomore environmental science major at California Baptist University […]

The dark side of the sun

Sunshine is usually correlated with happiness, beautiful beaches, picnics at the park and overall “perfect days.” What tends to diminish the happy thoughts is the irreversible damage frequent unprotected sun exposure causes to the body. According to, sun damage is caused by frequent exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays are undetectable radiation emitted […]