Phillip Ndowu | Banner | Ryan Lee, junior communication studies major, performs his self-written comedic song during CBU’s 2019 ‘Woofest.’

Student aspires to entertainment

Ryan Lee, a junior communication studies major at California Baptist University, is well known on campus for his acting and comedy career. Lee began his career as an actor at the age of five by complete accident. Lee’s family went to Los Angeles to sign on their older sibling and Lee was signed on as […]

Memes, memes everywhere

Photo Illustration courtesy of Ryan Hodson — Ryan Hodson made this meme in response to being interviewed for this article. The newest internet sensation sweeping the web is the meme phenomenon. They are posted, shared, liked and generated to fit any humorous incident or community culture. Pronounced “mheemz,” memes are pictures that have any number […]

Top romance films for Valentine’s viewing

For years romance films have delved into the lives of viewers, especially on Valentine’s Day. Three categories fall into the romantic genre; romantic comedies, romantic dramas and romantic thrillers. Whatever the choice may be, romantic provide great escapes and create fairytales beyond imagination. From classic collections to the newest releases, romantic films have captured the […]