Madison Santana | Banner Deziree | Little, 23-year-old barista at Arcade Coffee Roasters, said she loves to serve commuters at Wake Up Wednesday each week.

Commuters discover connections

Commuting students risk missing out on the typical college experience because they could be less available for on-campus activities. Despite this challenge, it is important for commuters to stay connected as college can provide opportunities to meet new people and develop a sense of belonging on campus. Samantha Emerick, sophomore business administration major, said although […]

Commuter Lounge helps commuters interact, get involved in campus life

California Baptist University has more than 3,000 commuters this year and the community offered on-campus can help them get involved. Some commuters may have different needs than those who live on campus and CBU makes accommodations for commuter students in which they can take advantage. Associate Students of California Baptist University offers giveaways and has […]

Freshman election forced to a Run-off

It is election season at California Baptist University and after the first period of voting for representatives, not much is settled. Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU) has four positions available: a commuter representative and three freshman representatives. There were initially 11 students campaigning for the three freshman representative spots and one student for […]

Students react to campus changes

The campus changed drastically over the summer. Change can cause uneasiness but most students reacted favorably. “We hope students will react in a positive way to the increased parking that they can use,” Brenda Flores, facilities & planning department administrator, said. “We understand that there is a lot of construction around the School of Business […]