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Spotify adds new guidelines for information about COVID-19

Spotify is the latest major media platform to add guidelines about sharing correct information and spreading misinformation about COVID-19 and COVID vaccines. In response to the COVID pandemic, many of the top media platforms have decided to release updates on the virus, as well as links, guidelines or other forms of information to their audiences. […]

UCLA is one campus beginning to offer vending machines with COVID-19 tests. Logan Chin

COVID-19 test vending machines begin appearing on some college campuses

COVID-19 testing continues to become more accessible to citizens through a variety of means. Some college students across California now have the option to get COVID tests available 24/7 on campuses. These tests are appearing in vending machines, mainly on campuses within the University of California system. The vending machines’ most recent debut has been […]

As the new semester starts, CBU continues chapel online in a newly designed format featuring shorter videos.

Spiritual Life adjusts Chapel format amid current Omicron variant concerns

In light of a large influx of Omicron cases and the unpredictability of the future, administrators were forced to make a tough call about how Chapel was to be carried out for the foreseeable future, ultimately deciding to shorten the online videos to 10 minutes – a drastic change from what students were expecting at […]

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Being in a high risk COVID setting can cause stress for students, staff

It is no secret that the pandemic affected all of us. While it may have affected some more than others, there is no disputing the fact that everyone was affected somehow. A large portion of the population suffered from mental health issues during this time, and college students were no exception.  In an article published […]