Reagan Lee | Banner | Stacy Turner, Cherishann Diamzon, and Jason Watkins, freshman film majors at La Sierra Universtiy, enjoy their blended boba smoothies at Roasting Water Coffee Shop in Riverside, Calif. The coffee joint is a popular hangout spot for college students in the area.

Eco-friendly coffee bar options

Some boil it. Others steam it. But a new coffee shop and boba shop in Riverside is roasting it. Roasting Water has taken a different path and is brewing a new kind of business model that steeps eco-friendly practices with a rich variety of teas, coffee, smoothies and dessert drinks. The average price of drinks […]

Landfill, mixed recyclables program help keep CBU eco-friendly

California Baptist University has been actively working to preserve the environment with the “Landfill” versus “Mixed Recyclables” program since September 2010. The separate reciprocals provided at every trash can for landfill and mixed recyclables have helped CBU to be more environmentally conscious. Landfill trash is defined as food waste, such as El Monte Grill bowl […]