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Costs push companies to move headquarters out of California

A lot of prominent businesses got their start in California, but over the past few years many businesses have decided that the cost of living and the rise of taxes and real estate prices are enough to make them move their headquarters out of California and to states with easier taxes and where they would […]

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Federal Reserve adds $100 billion to economy as recession fear builds

With the fear of a possible recession on the horizon, the New York branch of the Federal Reserve recently made the decision to add $100 billion into the national economy.  While initially this may not seem like cause for concern, economic and financial experts say this action has been taken to lessen the impact of […]

Student loans: Friend or foe?

The economy hurts all people, including those who want to earn a degree. It is common to find an increasing rate of college students who borrow money to realize their dream and students at California Baptist University also follow the trend. Special projects coordinator in CBU’s Financial Aid office, Amy Gwilt, said that students need […]