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Campaigns change during COVID-19

As the 2020 election approaches, candidates have had to adapt how they campaign amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Politics shifted to keep up with  the ever-changing state of the world. Patricia Lock Dawson, a candidate for Riverside mayor, reshaped her campaign to comply with COVID-19. The campaign trail, which once was dependent on rallies, fundraisers, meet-and-greets […]

Freshman class elects new senators in unusual run-off with three candidates

The freshman class and The Associated Students of California Baptist University have decided on the representatives for the freshman student body. These representatives, who run for two positions — freshman class senator and commuter representative — were selected from among the ranks of the CBU class of 2018. Initially there were six runners for the […]

Freshman election forced to a Run-off

It is election season at California Baptist University and after the first period of voting for representatives, not much is settled. Associated Students of California Baptist University (ASCBU) has four positions available: a commuter representative and three freshman representatives. There were initially 11 students campaigning for the three freshman representative spots and one student for […]