Teddy Pena | Banner | To get into the fall season Teddy Pena, senior public relations major, demonstrates the steps to make pumpkin spiced muffins.

Lifestyle Tries: Baking pumpkin spiced muffins

With the fall season fully in effect, along comes a multitude of festive treats and activities. Pumpkin is essentially the dominating flavor that rules this time of year. From lattes to pancakes and even pasta, many areas of the culinary arts are showered with the pumpkin craze. A popular and classic recipe that never fails […]

Breana Crane, senior psychology major, is a spring 2020 graduate who came back to campus to take her senior photos.

CBU plans in-person graduation

California Baptist University announced on March 19 that graduation for the spring class of 2021 will take place in person. This is the first semester since fall 2019 that features in-person graduation, as pandemic restrictions caused spring, summer and fall 2020 graduations to occur over Zoom in December. After a recent decline in new COVID-19 […]

Camille Grochowski | Banner | A Fall floral wreath is done and ready to be hung up.

Lifestyle Tries: fall wreath

Fall is approaching and what better way to decorate than with a harvest Fall floral wreath! Created by Drew Scott, the full video can be found on Michael’s website: youtube.com/watch?v+15_6zD-Ca44.  Visit your local craft store to fun supplies in their fall section. Get ready to bring Fall 2020 to your living space! Supplies needed: 14in […]

Fall albums boast massive selection

Aside from the recurring Halloween music this October, students can look forward to new albums set to release throughout the month. Numerous students and music fans anticipate their favorite artist’s new releases, including Jonathan Logerstedt, junior graphic design major, who said he looks forward to Grimes’ new goth-electronic album. The artist plans to surprise her […]