Soccer: 10 fun facts about ‘The Beautiful Game’

California Baptist University has a tradition of winning in both men’s and women’s soccer. Both Lancer squads are coming off National Christian College Athletic Association national championships and are competing for the top spot among Pacific West Conference competition. With the beginning of the new season, the opportunity now arises to gain a greater understanding […]

World Cup Wrap Up

What happens every four years and has millions of people in an uproar? No, it’s not a leap year. It’s the FIFA World Cup. Although soccer is still not as popular in the U.S. as Baseball or Football; its global impact during the world cup is one that surpasses any other sport in the world. […]

Obscure Sports Offer Chance to Bond

Everyone knows about the common sports – baseball, basketball, football and soccer – however sometimes the more exciting sports are those which are relatively unknown. California Baptist University offers an open canvas for students looking to be creative in how they get their athletic fix. Sophomore Geoff Gouveia rallies his friends together weekly to share […]