Camille Grochowski | Banner | Students text, face time, and join zoom meetings to keep in contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students stay connected at home during COVID-19

Life during the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to press forward with many new adjustments. With stay-at-home orders set in place by state governments, students are left with no method of meeting in person. Because of the ongoing circumstances, many individuals have turned to digital platforms in order to stay in touch with loved ones. Applications […]

How to: Curing homesickness

When leaving for college, homesickness can become a real issue. For students like Marie Hannula, junior sociology major from Tacoma, Wash., college becomes a learning process for not only getting a degree, but also coming to terms with living away from family and friends. “It is tough being away from home at times, especially when exciting things are happening back at home,” Hannula said. For others like Hannah Stipek, […]

Do it yourself: easy, creative Halloween costumes made at home on a tight budget

No money: check. Creative idea: check. A desire to create an at-home Halloween costume: check. Every October, the thought of what to dress up as becomes a topic of conversation for those who celebrate the festive occasion that is Halloween. There has been a rise in homemade costumes over the years, especially among college-age students […]