Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps for cooking your own ramen noodles. Teddy Peña

Lifestyle Tries: Make your own ramen for a home-cooked meal

It is popular among college students to want a meal that is quick and affordable. This is why many colleges, including California Baptist University, implement  meal plans. An additional option to the traditional and popular on-campus meal plan is to prepare a home-cooked meal. However, this is oftentimes overlooked because of the natural tight schedules […]

Sophie Gravitt | Banner | The completed DIY project, the quote strings hung up on the wall with flowers in between each row.

Lifestyle Tries: Quote Strings

During this time of quarantine, many students are probably spending a lot of time in their rooms. For students with a blank wall, nothing to fill it, an empty wallet and tons of time their hands, Lifestyle Tries is here to help students spice up their rooms in a cheap, easy way. Supplies needed: a […]

Do it yourself: easy, creative Halloween costumes made at home on a tight budget

No money: check. Creative idea: check. A desire to create an at-home Halloween costume: check. Every October, the thought of what to dress up as becomes a topic of conversation for those who celebrate the festive occasion that is Halloween. There has been a rise in homemade costumes over the years, especially among college-age students […]