Riverside Art and Music Festival invites local artists and musicians of all ages to perform, display, create and sell their art and music. Sydney Vincent, 16-year-old student from martin Luther King High School in Riverside, takes her time working on a chalk portrait as an assignment for her art class. Other artists serenaded the locals, sold their art and performed various dance routines in the streets of downtown Riverside.

Music and Art Festival impacts Riverside locals

Downtown Riverside cleared its streets, Sept. 9 to host the Art and Music Festival, a family-friendly, community inclusive and interactive event. The all-evening event was free for all ages. The festival featured art booths and workshops along with live music performed on a stage, the centerpiece of the event. The performances ranged in age and […]

Unpredictable weather forces teams to move times

Because of the unstable weather conditions in Southern California, many athletic teams at California Baptist University have moved up their times for games and practices to earlier in the morning. CBU is using a portable weather station to monitor the weather and conditions in the outdoors. Tim Clark, assistant athletic director for Sports Medicine and […]

Riverside union workers protest over lack of safety

Protesters covered the lawn and filled the hallways of the Riverside County Courthouse Aug. 29 as representatives of the Service Employees International Union Local 721 gathered to protest the lack of safety conditions at Riverside County Hospital and the pay raise agreements promised by the Riverside County administration. The protesters mainly represented the county medical […]