Teddy Peña, senior public relations major, shares steps on creative ways to save money through upcycling. Students can repurpose old materials to create new, useful items. Teddy Peña

Lifestyle Tries: Upcycling can save money, help conserve

For college-aged students, the value of frugality and budgeting money is important. There are many ways to repurpose, budget and save money to make being a college student just a little bit easier. This includes goal-oriented shopping, intentional saving or even the cash envelope system. One thing that is very common on college campuses is […]

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Fall trends show that masks have integrated into fashion

Although some trends remain prominent from 2020, there are new ideas incorporated into outfits as people are attending more events and being more sociable following the lockdowns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Fall 2020 fashion consisted of a variety of neutral, soft, monochromatic looks that fit with the somewhat gloomy mood of 2020. However, 2021 […]

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Banner Busters: Ice baths may be useless

Cold showers and ice baths have long been a way for people, especially athletes, to help their bodies recover from workouts. Cold showers have supposed benefits such as soothing itchy skin, increasing circulation, improving alertness and lessening muscle soreness. Similarly, ice baths remain a common way for athletes to wind down after training, especially for […]

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New social work programs fill needs

The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) program at California Baptist University launched in fall 2021 as an entry-level degree to work in the field of social work. Liza Arellano, licensed clinical social worker, assistant professor of social work and program director of the Bachelor of Social Work, said the program allows students to gain experience […]

Left to right: UP Men residents Thomas Chavez, sophomore exercise science major, Jamall Bradshaw, senior criminal justice major, and Josiah Franklin, junior business administration major, watch RA Dakota Whipple, junior behavioral science major, prepare pretzel toppings for a Residence Life event.

Being an RA extends experience, disciplines for character building

Being a resident adviser at California Baptist University comes with its fair share of responsibility, but some say the opportunity to build relationships and help others is a highly rewarding task. Resident advisers, or RAs, are devoted student-leaders who work with the Office of  Residence Life. As an RA, students are expected to lead by […]