Many stars, including co-chair Tom Hanks, came out to tour the The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, which opened on Sept. 30.

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures opens

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, located in the Saban Building in Los Angeles, opened its doors on Sept. 30. The museum is devoted to exploring the art and science of movies and moviemaking. “The 300,000-square foot museum will feature more than 50,000 square feet of gallery space for both a highly immersive permanent exhibition […]

Kelsie Stevens | The Banner | Mariela Anguelov, volunteer at The Heritage House, explains the stereoscope, an old form of viewing photos.

Riverside offers history with classic Victorian Heritage house to locals

Located on Magnolia Avenue, down the street from California Baptist University, resides Riverside’s Heritage House. The Heritage House is a Victorian-style home owned by the Riverside Metropolitan Museum. It is free to visit and just a short walk from the university’s main campus, in the center of Riverside. The elaborate home originally belonged to James […]

Courtesy of Los Angeles County Museum of Art | A new Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibit, “3D: Double Vision,” welcomes museum patrons with an overview of the history of 3-D imaging.

Los Angeles art museum opens new immersive exhibit

“Avatar” (2009) “Toy Story 3” (2010) and “The Avengers” (2012): All of these were available and advertised as 3-D motion pictures. But the idea of 3-D has been around much longer than those recent movies. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently opened an exhibit, “3D: Double Vision,” that shows the history and development […]

Downtown Riverside hosts affordable museum tours

Downtown Riverside is a popular student go-to destination with four museums all sitting within walking distance from one another, showcasing artwork and historic artifacts of the local Southern California area. California Baptist University’s own gallery on Main Street, displays student and faculty artwork to the public. “(The CBU Gallery) is a place of engagement, rather […]