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National Parks welcome Electric Bikes

National Parks Services (NPS) announced on August 30 that President Donald J. Trump has issued an executive order allowing electric bikes in National Parks. According to the press release from NPS, “This new policy will enable visitors to use e-bikes, low-speed electric bicycles with power assistance, allowing them on park roads, paved or hardened trails, […]

Madison Santana | Banner | Many national parks and forests have been closed during the government shutdown because of the lack of funding from the government. Among the parks affected was San Bernadino's National Forest where they had to close a road.

National parks suffer from partial government shutdown

After the start of the partial U.S. federal government shutdown, which began Dec. 21, 2018, national parks began to experience their share of the effects. The federal government offices affected were reopened Jan. 25 when President Donald J. Trump signed a continuing resolution that reopens agencies through Feb. 15. However, reopened agencies may take some […]

Courtesy of Matthew Rubright. Matthew Rubright, junior behavioral science major, climbed to the top of Cucamonga Peak in the San Gabriel Mountains in 5 hours and 25 minutes round trip.

Student summits six peaks in six weeks

Setting a goal is easy, but the mental process to achieve those goals is rarely discussed. From hiking the Appalachian trails in Virginia to becoming the first to complete the Six-Pack of Peaks challenge, a challenge to climb the six tallest peaks in Southern California, Matthew Rubright, junior behavioral science major, conquered it all. Rubright […]