Please stop saying the Bible is an easy read because it is not

Growing up I attended “non-denominational” evangelical Protestant Christian churches, and one thing that I was constantly told was, “Read your Bible!” Bible reading was, rightly, presented as an extraordinarily important spiritual discipline and integral to spiritual growth. Yet Bible reading was treated like it was one of the easiest activities in the world. I was […]

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Non-fungible tokens are signs of latent ‘crypto-colonialism’

If you live in present society, chances are you have encountered photos of grotesque cartoon animals on the internet or social media, mainly apes or lions. They resemble the zoo coloring pages of childhood, with bright colors and tacky decorations.  Old memes or dead celebrities can also make an appearance in this photo category.  One […]

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Christians should support the religion in Kanye West’s album

“You my Chick-fil-A,” was a common meme of a lyric from Kanye West’s 2019 effort, “JESUS IS KING.” While simultaneously clever and eye-rolling in its approach to the subject, Kanye West’s “JESUS IS KING” (and the subsequent Sunday Service Choir that spun off of that) is an overall genuine statement of faith from a wild […]

Student leadership is excited to welcome back students onto campus.

Student leadership impacts community

Students of California Baptist University arrived back on campus in late August tired, weary and divided after a five-month summer of near total defeat. The hope of all of us was to return to our campus haven with in-person classes and all the events that we could imagine, but the pandemic was relentless in its […]