Courtesy of the Theater Program | Banner | "Silent Sky," CBU's first in-person play since the start of the pandemic, will be showing on Oct. 15 - 16, 21 - 23.

Theater puts on first in-person show since start of pandemic

“Silent Sky,” the theater program’s first in-person production since the pandemic shutdown, is a beautiful epic of scientific and relational discovery. Written in 2015 by Lauren Gunderson, a San Francisco playwright, the story follows Henrietta Leavitt and the women who work at the Harvard Observatory at the turn of the century. As these women chart […]

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COVID-19 should change work culture

Life has inarguably changed in the past year and a half as the world grapples with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, the possibility of becoming sick remains a constant reality as the Delta variant continues to spread. Now, as we resume in-person classes, activities and events, illness threatens to interfere to […]

Facebook informs its users on how to get the COVID vaccine

Facebook’s COVID-19 Information Center promises to connect more people than ever with 2021’s coronavirus vaccine. This Information Center can be easily accessed on a mobile phone. Here, Facebook has partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital to provide information on vaccination centers such as location and opening hours. Facebook uses data from the  Centers for Disease  Control […]

Elijah Hickman | Banner | The cast for "Love's Labour's Lost" performs during a dress rehearsal while maintaining the face shield mandate.

Pandemic transforms theater

The lights are down, and rows of seats remain empty as Broadway and theaters across the globe remain closed. Audiences are left with only the entertainment on their screens at home while performers struggle to make ends meet. For the last year, live performances have been a thing of the past. Live theater was one […]

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Students and faculty reflect on one year in a pandemic

One year ago, California Baptist University students’ spring semesters got cut short due to COVID-19. To keep families safe, students and educators around the world have had to adapt learning opportunities to a virtual or hybrid learning format. One year later, most classes are still online while some have returned to a COVID-19 safe in-person […]

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‘Zoom fatigue’ rises in the pandemic

Since March 2020, when COVID-19 first changed the way our world functioned, most meetings for both school and work have continued to meet virtually for a full year now. As staring at a screen becomes the way most individuals spend their weeks, it can begin to take a toll on them. There are negative consequences […]

Dylan Stewert, senior healthcare administration major, play a boxing simulation game on his VR while spending time with friends.

Using VR to battle the pandemic

Technology that, a few years ago, was used for little more than to play games and give some people headaches may now save lives. Virtual Reality technology is more important than ever as the United States searches for a cure for COVID-19. compiled the “Global Virtual Reality Market Report 2020” in early September. They […]