Courtesy of Raymond Alva | The new photography studio, located in Adams Business Park, provides photography students with iMacs, printers, lighting equipment and more. The space also helps prepare students for their careers by more closely resembling the warehouse complexes used in the photo industry.

Photography program relocates to Adams

With California Baptist University’s Photography program continuously expanding and with the purpose of efficiency, community building and outward focus, the program has officially moved to the business park of 2900 Adams Street ABPK #B25 and #B26. CBU’s Photography program has grown in the past few years. It started with just the classroom James 430, then […]

Engineering program utilizes $10 million grant for building complex

California Baptist University received an anonymous $10 million gift dedicated to constructing a new three-story engineering building comprising 100,000 square feet. The new engineering building will be located on the south side of campus, directly across from Mission Hall. The building will be completed in 2018. “We have a unique opportunity in this building to […]

Business program offers student-CEO mentorships

Dr. Douglas Lainson, assistant professor of strategic management, is introducing a new mentorship program this semester at California Baptist University to partner students with local business professionals, available for current business majors. In this program, selected students will have the opportunity to be advised by local CEOs and learn what it is like to lead […]

Landfill, mixed recyclables program help keep CBU eco-friendly

California Baptist University has been actively working to preserve the environment with the “Landfill” versus “Mixed Recyclables” program since September 2010. The separate reciprocals provided at every trash can for landfill and mixed recyclables have helped CBU to be more environmentally conscious. Landfill trash is defined as food waste, such as El Monte Grill bowl […]